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The Really Important Bit!

So.... why is there a page on our website entitled 'The really important bit"? What's so important to flag up and bring to your attention? 

Jesus - the most important decision you will ever make!

What? How could 'Jesus' be a decision at all, let alone the 'most important' decision? As Christians, we firmly believe that God sent his only son Jesus to earth to open up the way to heaven. We have all done things wrong in our lives and we don't measure up to God's high standards. God sent Jesus to take the punishment we deserve for our all the bad things we have done in our life. Jesus took all our mistakes, all our sins and took our punishment on the cross when he died so that we can be forgiven and live forever in Heaven after we die. All we need to do is believe and accept him as our saviour. It's that simple! Accepting Jesus can bring so much joy, peace and happiness into your life. Jesus promises to stand with us through our day to day lives. He is only ever a prayer away.


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No mistakes you have made and nothing you have done is beyond God's forgiveness. God loves his creation and his people more than we can ever imagine. Do you feel you have something missing in your life? Are you longing to find peace, love, forgiveness and a bright future filled with hope? If so, God is waiting for you. His love is perfect and accepting him can lead not only to heaven one day when we die, but a life filled with promise, hope and joy today. Please come along to one of our Sunday morning services to find out more.

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